Personal Pedigree - Robert Mike Terry [mterry3158 AT] or [mike.terry AT]

Stephen Terry d 19 Dec 1769 Craven Co. SC m Sarah ??
John Terry b 27 Apr 1752 SC or VA d 12 Apr 1834 Chester Dist SC m (2) Priscilla Stokes
Stephen Terry b 10 Aug 1788 Sandy River, Chester Co SC d? 15 Nov 1866 Fulton Co GA m Elizabeth Harrison Hill
Green Berry Hill Terry b 08 Nov 1810 Chester Dist SC d 22 Mar 1848 Union Co AR m Eleanor Gill
Hugh McClure Terry b 01 Mar 1832 DeKalb Co GA d 02 Jan 1919 Lamar Co TX m Mary Bennett
George William Terry b 13 Aug 1866 Pigeion Hill, Union Co AR d 22 Jul 1959 Lamar Co TX m Francis E. Hefner
Frances Edward Terry b 18 Sep 1895 Yell Co AR d 11 Apr 1958 Caddo Co OK m Ethel Modelle Bottoms
Glen William Terry b 23 Oct 1923 Okmulgee Co OK d 11 Mar 1991 Caddo Co OK


Personal Pedigree -  James Loyd Terry [Jterry4772 AT]

? Terry, b. abt 1760 VA
Henderson Terry, b. abt 1793 NC, d. abt 1855, Lawrence Co., AL
Thomas Henderson Terry, b. 22 Dec 1836, Lawrence Co., AL; d. 9 Apr 1920, Charleston, Delta Co., TX
James Henderson Terry, b. 16 Jun 1868, , Delta Co., TX; d. 8 Mar 1942, Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX.
Loyd Leonadas Terry, b. 19 Apr 1895, Red River Co., TX; d. 25 Jun 1956, Mesquite, Dallas Co., TX
James Loyd Terry, b. 8 Aug 1925, Rosebud, Falls Co., TX

Personal Pedigree - Mary Terry Webster [bee-gard AT]

John Terry b. 27 Apr 1752 SC/VA-12 Apr 1834 SC - Priscilla Stokes
Stephen Terry b. 10 Aug 1788 SC-15 Nov 1866 GA - m.  Elizabeth Harrison Hill
John Wesley Terry b 07 Apr 1814 SC-d. 08 Sep 1898 TX - m. Nancy Lewis Ferguson
John Thomas Terry b. 30 May 1858 GA-d. 21 Mar 1930 TX -  m. Martha Elizabeth Riddle
Russell Deyo Terry b. 09 Sept 1902 TX-d. 17 Oct 1998 TX - m. Beulah Elizabeth Williams

Personal Pedgree -  Beverly Wells Roseberry [mcdga AT]

Edden Terry b.07/03/1785 NC m.Arrentha Tucker d.07/16/1880 Jackson County, TN
Zachariah Taylor Terry b.06/26/1846 m. Sabrina Jane Johnson d. 06/03/1931 Davidson County, TN.
Catherine Terry b. 09/19/1880 m. Gustavus Wells d.10/04/1874 Davidson County, TN.
Douglas Terry Wells b. 04/10/1905 m. Alma J. Pardue d. 06/22/1984
Living female Wells
3 living Martin children
3 living Martin grandchildren

Personal Pedigree -  Gayla [shipfitter10 AT]

John Terry m Mary Jane Lantz
 Louis Tesley Terry bFeb6,1893 d July 9, 1944 m Myrtie Virgie Trimble
  Travis Hervie Terry b April 21, 1929   m Charlotte Ann Steele
    Darrell Glen Terry b September 13, 1949

Personal Pedigree - Charles Thomas Terry [cterry1126 AT]

My father Cary C. Terry b. 1896 in Madison County Fl. died in 1987 and is buired in Hickory Grove cemetery in Madison County Fl. his father Charles Albert Terry b. 1854 in  Muscogee County Ga. or Barbour County Ala. d. 1934 and buried in Mt. Horeb cemetery in Madison county Fl. his father William Henry Terry b. Warren County Ga. died after 1860.his father William b. in Ga. his father Thomas J. Terry b. in Ga. his father Thomas Terry b. in Ga. His father William came to USA and landed in Savannah Ga. in 1733 came from Blis Hill Tyrone Ireland
by Charles Terry b. 1926 in Madison County Fl.

Personal Pedigree - Dewayne Terry [dterry2281 AT]

John Self Terry, b. abt. 1780? Bedford Co., Va.? m. Frances Gaddy
Steven S. Terry, b. abt. 1801 Va. M. Unity ?
James W. Terry b. 4/3/1829, Saline Co., Ark. m. Sarah F. James
Stephen Franklin Terry, b. 2/18/1867, Scott Co., Ark. m. Molly Elizabeth Hamilton
John Lewis Terry b. 7/24/1893, Scott Co., Ark, m. Mary Etta Hale
Deon Finis Terry b. 7/12/1922, Stigler, Okl, m. Barbara Aileen Frazier
Tommy Dewayne Terry

Personal Pedigree -  B Kimble [lkimble AT]

William Terry Sr. b. c1774,(poss. SC per 1880 US Census for son Martin Terry), m. Martha unknown. d. aft 1860 GA.
Martin Terry b. 1816 TN, m. Mary Ann Dodd Aug 18, 1842 per Forsyth Co GA marriage Bk A pg 134., d. May 29, 1882 Forsyth Co, GA buried Sharon Baptist
William H. Terry b. Mar 12, 1853 GA, m. Mary Ann Moore Feb 2, 1870 Per Gwinnett Co Ga marriages, d. Mar 4, 1937, buried Sugar Hill Cemetery Forsyth Co. GA
Henry Thompson Terry  b. Aug 10, 1882 Forsyth Co GA, m. Martha Belle Ferguson Jan 17, 1905, d. Apr 6, 1965 Fulton County GA buried Forest Hills Forest Park, Ga.
Evelyn Terry b. Sep 3, 1923 Greene County GA, m. Harold McAfee Feb. 1944, d. Aug 3, 1990.

Personal Pedigree - Marina Dececo [mdececo AT]

Joseph b. say 1717 VA m. Judith Crawford
Thomas b. c. 1740 VA m. Mary Hatcher, lived Pittsylvania, Bedford
Thomas b. 4 Dec 1761 Chesterfield, VA m. Mary Milam
Crawford b. 28 Nov 1795 Madison, KY
Amanda b. 4 Jan 1842 Bourbon, KY

Personal Pedigree - Ralph Terry [rterry AT]

James Terry, b c1665,Goucester Co, Va
James Terry, Jr., b c1680, Caroline Co, Va, m Margaret Raiford
William Terry, b c1715, Northampton Co, Va, m Mary Raiford
James Terry, b 19 Nov 1746, Edgecomb Co, NC, m Mary Ann Robards
Eli Terry, b c1772, Anson County, NC, m Mary Ann "Polly" Pickett
Tod Robinson Terry, b c 1811, Anson County, NC, m Mary Eliza Hill
John Williamson Terry, b 6 Feb 1840, m Rebecca Alice Nelson
Oscar Hill Terry, Sr., b 23 Jan 1882, near DeLeon, Comanche Co, Tx, m Della Griffith
John Franklin Terry, b 13 Sep 1918, near DeLeon, Comanche Co, Tx, m Esther Pauline Hammonds
Johnny Ralph Terry, b 28 Apr 1947

Personal Pedigree - Merle Terry Ainsworth  [merle AT]

Stephen Clement Terry, b. Edgfield District, SC. d. Not sure now - m. Elizabeth Strom
John Stringer Terry, Sr. b.11 Jan 1826,SC. d. 23 Oct 1889, Hill Co., TX. m. Mary Cockcroft
Sampson Butler Terry, Sr. b.23 Feb 1860,AL. d.1950, Bosque Co., TX. m. Martha J Thomas
Joe Stringer Terry b.19 Jul 1897, Hill Co.,TX d. 23 Sep 1971, Bell Co.,TX. m.Oma Edith Tally
Virginia Merle Terry b.11 May 1929,Wilbarger Co.,TX. d.16 Jul 1994, Johnson Co., TX.m. W.R. Covington

Personal Pedigree - Shane Tarry [smdtarry AT]

This is additional info to the single listing I already posted. Some information is missing and some dates are just approximations since I don't have access to my records right now. This is off the top of my head and my not be completely accurate, but hopefully it will be of some help.

Edward Tarry, b:16--? Inn Keeper, Lived in South Mimms, near London
George Tarry, b: 1679, member of Upholder Guild, merchant, d: 1738?, buried under alter at St. Giles South Mimms
Samuel Tarry, b: 1713?, First American Tarry, Lived in Amelia and Lunenburg Co. VA, died in 1760s
Samuel Tarry, b: 1760s, Revolutionary War veteran, Lived in Mecklenburg Co. and possibly Amelia, James City and Lunenburg Co's
(Unsure of first name)Tarry, moved to Kentucky or Tennessee
Joseph A. Tarry, b: 1830s?, Lived in or near Dover, Tennessee, Civil War veteran, Buried in Fannin Co. Tx.
Sydney Johnson Tarry, Lived in Eastland and/or Erath Co, Tx. Buried in Lea Co. NM
Joe Tarry, B: 1905 D: 1984, Born in Eastland and/or Erath Co, Tx. Buried in Lea Co. NM
Thomas Tarry B: 1942 in Lea Co. NM
Shane Tarry, B: 1963 in Lea Co. NM

Personal Pedigree - Carl Terry [c2350 AT]

Descendants of Thomas Terry
Generation No. 1
1.? THOMAS1 TERRY? He married HANNAH.?
Child of THOMAS TERRY and HANNAH is:
2.   i.   JOHN2 TERRY, b. September 12, 1809, Warren County, Georgia; d. February 06, 1869, Schley Co, Ga.
Generation No. 2
2.? JOHN2 TERRY (THOMAS1) was born September 12, 1809 in Warren County, Georgia, and died February 06, 1869 in Schley Co, Ga.? He married ELIZABETH HART, daughter of ISSAC HART and MARY.? She was born April 06, 1813 in Warren County, Georgia, and died September 15, 1880.
Children of JOHN TERRY and ELIZABETH HART are:
3.   i.   JOHN CRAWLEY3 TERRY, b. April 03, 1850, Marion County, Georgia.
   ii.   THOMAS WILLIAM TERRY, b. April 27, 1832.
4.   iii.   VINCENT AUGUSTUS TERRY, b. May 03, 1834; d. April 24, 1907.
   iv.   SARAH ELIZABETH TERRY, b. May 18, 1838.
   v.   PENELOPE PENN TERRY, b. September 18, 1840; d. February 28, 1864.
   vi.   SAMUEL LAWRENCE TERRY, b. June 19, 1845; d. Abt. 1865.
   vii.   LOUSIA TERRY, b. January 1848.
   viii.   VIRGINIA GERTRUDE TERRY, b. April 29, 1852.
   ix.   FRANCIS S TERRY, b. August 20, 1854.
   x.   MARY TERRY, b. September 10, 1830.
   xi.   NANCY E TERRY, b. May 21, 1836.
   xii.   MILBRY TERRY, b. April 01, 1843.
Generation No. 3
3.? JOHN CRAWLEY3 TERRY (JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born April 03, 1850 in Marion County, Georgia.? He married EMMA ARRINGTON.?
Children of JOHN TERRY and EMMA ARRINGTON are:
5.   i.   WADE HAMPTON4 TERRY, b. September 23, 1883, Marion County, Georgia; d. April 20, 1961, Ideal, Georgia.
   ii.   SAMUEL TERRY, b. 1876.
   iii.   MILBREY TERRY, b. 1880.
   iv.   ELIZABETH TERRY, b. 1874.
4.? VINCENT AUGUSTUS3 TERRY (JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born May 03, 1834, and died April 24, 1907.? He married ELIZABETH BRADSHAW.? She was born 1832, and died 1908.
Generation No. 4
5.? WADE HAMPTON4 TERRY (JOHN CRAWLEY3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born September 23, 1883 in Marion County, Georgia, and died April 20, 1961 in Ideal, Georgia.? He met LUCY FULFORD June 02, 1906, daughter of HENRY FULFORD and AMANDA APPERSON.? She was born June 02, 1886 in MACON CO, GEORGIA, and died April 17, 1971 in Ideal, Georgia.

Children of WADE TERRY and LUCY FULFORD are:
6.   i.   CARL LESTER5 TERRY, b. June 03, 1922, Macon County, Georgia; d. December 22, 1995, West Point, Georgia.
8.   iii.   HOYT TERRY.
9.   iv.   MILDRED TERRY.
   v.   CLAUD HAMPTON TERRY, b. May 25, 1924.
   vi.   MARY KATHLEEN TERRY, b. February 02, 1918.

Generation No. 5
6.? CARL LESTER5 TERRY (WADE HAMPTON4, JOHN CRAWLEY3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born June 03, 1922 in Macon County, Georgia, and died December 22, 1995 in West Point, Georgia.? He married ELOISE CHAPPELL September 19, 1941 in Americus, Georgia, daughter of JOHN CHAPPELL and ELLA MURRAY.? She was born April 15, 1922 in Sumter County, Georgia.

Burial: Americus, Ga
   Children of CARL TERRY and ELOISE CHAPPELL are:
10.   i.   CARL LESTER6 TERRY, JR, b. February 03, 1950, Columbus, Georgia.
11.   ii.   FRANCES CAROL TERRY, b. December 19, 1942, Americus, Ga.
   i.   GINGER6 TERRY.
Children of HOYT TERRY and DOT are:
   i.   BECKY6 TERRY.
   ii.   JANE TERRY.
   iii.   JUDY TERRY.
12.   i.   SIDNEY6 JONES.
Generation No. 6
10.? CARL LESTER6 TERRY, JR (CARL LESTER5, WADE HAMPTON4, JOHN CRAWLEY3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born February 03, 1950 in Columbus, Georgia.? He married (1) JEANNIE WADE December 11, 1971 in Tucker, Ga.? She was born November 08, 1950 in Atlanta, Ga.? He married (2) KATHY ESCOE April 12, 1991 in Watkinsville, ga, daughter of WILLIAM ESCOE and ALMA ESCOE.? She was born April 21, 1943 in Ogelthorpe Co. Ga.
Children of CARL TERRY and JEANNIE WADE are:
   i.   JUSTIN BRUCE7 TERRY, b. September 07, 1977.
   ii.   ADAM WADE TERRY, b. September 27, 1979.
11.? FRANCES CAROL6 TERRY (CARL LESTER5, WADE HAMPTON4, JOHN CRAWLEY3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born December 19, 1942 in Americus, Ga.? She married ROBERT YOUNG JONES April 27, 1963 in West Point, Ga.? He was bon March 18, 1939 in Rome Ga.
   i.   ROBERT YOUNG7 JONES III, b. February 28, 1964.
16.   ii.   TERRI LEIGH JONES, b. April 28, 1966.
   iii.   JAYSON MOORE JONES, b. February 02, 1969.
Children of SIDNEY JONES and DOROTHY are:
   i.   STEVE7 JONES.
   ii.   TRISHA JONES.
   iii.   SIDNEY JONES.

Personal Pedigree - C. Morris Terry [hildieterry AT]

George W. Terry, b. 1805 NC, d. 1841 Panola Co., MS, m. Ada Elam c.1838
William E. Terry, b. Oct. 19, 1839, Panola Co., MS, d. Jun. 20, 1903, Memphis, TN, m. Mary Coleman, Apr. 23, 1861
Crenshaw Ruffin Terry, Sr., b. Mar. 16, 1884, Panola Co., MS, d. Mar. 23, 1959, Panola Co., MS, m. Angie Leta Haynes, Dec. 22, 1906
George Coleman Terry, b. Apr. 21, 1911, Panola Co., MS, d. Sept. 25, 1999, Sardis, MS, m. Susie Eva Morris, Apr. 9, 1933
C. Morris Terry, b. Jul. 13, 1935, Marks, MS, m. Hildegarde Lois Reimer, Nov. 20, 1978.

Personal Pedigree -  Bill Terry [wwilliamdterry AT]

William D. Terry, b. Colfax Cty., NM, 8/11/1926 m Wanda Irene Tupper Smith
Father:  James J, Terry, b. Burleson, Tx.,Apr. 15, 1892, d. Rayne, La., Mar. 19, 1941 m. Mamie Jane Cook
G. Father  William Joseph Terry, b. Anderson, SC, 28 May, 1855, d. Oscar, OK, 30 Dec. 1933 m. Lou Augusta Voyles
g grandfather: Thomas W. Terry, b. Pendleton Dist., SC, 1817, d. Cherokee Cty., Ga. 4 Nov. 1888, m Elizabeth Land
gg grandfather, Henry Terry III, b. Virginia, 1787. d. Anderson Cty., SC, about 1860, M. Nancy Webb
ggg grandfather, Henry Terry II, b. Va. About 1750, d. Elbert Cty., GA, 1890, m Mary Ann Baldwin
gggg grandfather Henry Terry .b. VA, abt. 1725 d. VA., 1784. m. Margarat

Personal Pedigree - Alfred Clarence Terry  [alfredterry AT]

Thomas Terry b=c1607, d=June 5, 1672 Southold, LI, NY, m=Marie Bigge
Thomas Terry b=c1650, d=March 24, 1723 Southold, NY
Thomas Terry b= c1678 Southold, NY, d=October 17, 1723 Oysterponds, NY
William Terry b=c1717 Southold, LI, NY, d=1802 Westfield, NJ
Jonathan Terry b=c1755 Southold, LI, NY, d=June 3, 1820 Westfied, NJ, m=Huldah Van Sickle
Lewis Terry b=1790 Westfield, NJ, d=1853 Plainfield, NJ, m=Phebe Hedden
William Terry b=1813 Westfield, NJ, d=1891 Westfield, NJ, m=Harriet Sopen
William E. Terry b=1853, m=Charlotte E. Hetfield
Clarence William Terry b=1876 NJ, d=c1958 Rahway, NJ, m=(1) Sarah Stacy
Clarence William Terry, Jr., b=1902 Rahway, NJ, d=1973 Lakeworth, FL, m=Emma May Wilson

Personal Pedigree -  David Terry [evad5143 AT]

Thomas Terry - B. 1723, D.about 1804 in Louisa county VA. Married Ann(?)
Obadiah Terry - B. 1756, D. March 6 1826 Harrison county KY. Married Sarah Day.
William B. Terry - B. 1785, D.March 12 1860 Harrison county KY. Married Polly(?)
James V. Terry - B. 1823, D. October 15 1905 Harrison county KY. Married Harriet Cason 1850, Married Elizabeth Townsend  1879.
James D. Terry - B. 1859, D. February 7 1920 Audrain county MO. Married Lucinda Durham about 1888.
Elmer L. Terry - B. 1898, D. April 25,1962 Cass county NE. Married Thelma Jones 1930.
James D. Terry - B. 1941
David L. Terry - B. 1966

Personal Pedigree - Michael Terry [Swine70 AT]

My name is Michael Ray Terry, I live in Pasadena, Texas and this is my family.

David Terry - was born Bet. 1770 - 1780, and died in AL.
John H. Terry  was born Abt. 1810 in SC, and died Aft. 1858 in AL. 
George Washington Terry  was born 20 Dec 1852 in Perry or Shelby Co. AL, and died 04 May 1916 in Smith Co. TX. 
Hubert Young Terry, Sr.  was born 07 Jan 1882 in AL, and died 25 Oct 1969 in Whitehouse, Smith Co. TX. 
Hubert Young Terry, Jr.  was born Abt. 1924 in TX. 
Gary Michael Terry  was born 08 Sep 1949 in Harris Co. TX, and died (some time around 1999) in Harris Co. TX

Personal Pedigree - Bryan Terry [bterry AT]

Stephen Terry, b: c1700, of Hanover CO., Virginia
   Rowland Terry, b: c1738, of Granville Co., NC; d: c1824, Granville Co., NC
          James Terry, b: c1768, Granville Co., NC; d: 1828 Jackson CO., TN; md: Mary Gooch
              Curtis Terry, b: July12, 1803 Jackson CO., TN; d: Nov. 9, 1883 Grayson Co., TX
              Curtis md Elizabeth Kuykendall
                     James Brazell Terry, b: Nov. 7, 1830 Jackson Co., TN; d: Feb 1903 Bradley, OK
                     J.B. md Amanda Pearson
                           Campbell Stanton Terry, b: May 14, 1857 Putnam Co., TN, d: Dec 1, 1939
                           Hutchinson Co., TX; md: Delany Barefoot

Personal Pedigree - Sulkie2 [sulkie2 AT]

1. William Morgan Terry born Jan 1885 Ark died 22 Mar. 1921 according to tombstone and 22 Mar 1923 according to Ark Death index

shows on the 1900 census with mother, Sarah E. Terry and sister, Arizona in Lincoln County, Ark

shows on 1910 census of Garland County, Ark with wife, Minnie and 3 eldest children, Otis, Sarah O. E., and Arch L.

shows on 1920 census of Ashley County, Ark with wife, Minnie, children Otis, Lizzie, Archie, Estelle, Richard E., Curtis P., Roy R.

Minnie Lee shows on the 1930 census of Ashley County, Ark with two additional children, Victor Otto who was born 3 months after William Morgan died, and another son, Charles Dewitt in addition to the younger children above. Full names of all their children:
Otis Franklin, Sarah Ophelia Elizabeth, Archie Leroy, Richard E., Curtis Paul, Stella Estelle, Roy Roscoe, William D.( died at birth), Victor Otto, Charles Dewitt

Married Minnie Lee Brown born Jan 1886, daughter of Thomas F. Brown and Ophelia Batey/Beaty est. 1901-1904

2. Archie Leroy Terry Born 28 Feb 1910, died 1985.
Archie Leroy, William Morgan, Minnie Lee, Richard E. and? Roy Roscoe Terry as well as Thomas F. Brown all buried at Antioch Cemetary in Ashley County, Ark.

Archie married Hattie Mae Taylor Sweat in Rapides Parish, La. in 1939. They had 6 children.

Personal Pedigree - Stephen Terry  [sdterry AT]

Josiah Terry, b. abt. 1800 NC
    William H Terry b 1828 Wake Co NC
         Marion A Terry, b 1889, Wake Co, m Katie Mae Terry (below)
              Cyrus D Terry, b 1922 Wake Co
    Joseph Terry, b 1834
    James Anderson Terry, b 1835
         Andrew D Terry, b 1867
              Katie Mae Terry, b 1894

Personal Pedigree - Barbara Terry [Terryacres AT]

Benjamin Terry D. May 2, 1847 m Mary Ann Johnson Lived in Newark NJ and Bernards NJ
Oscar Dewitt Terry b about 1842 (civil war) m Mary Jane Moore of Ithaca NY
William B Terry 1869 d 1949 m Minnie BeDell  b 1870 d 1933 Binghamton NY
Harry James Terry b. November 11, 1898 d December 21,1964 Binghamton, NY
Harry James Terry Jr. b. June 26, 1934 Binghamton NY

Benjamin Terry buried in the Basking Ridge Cemetery Presbyterian Church (they have no record) also his son Oscar Dewitt Terry is buried there.

Personal Pedigree - Catherine Monticue [kmonticue AT]

My TERRY Ancestry So Far ~

George Terry, born circa 1765, VA?
George Terry, born 1805, SC
William Y. Terry, born 1845, Hopkins Co., KY
Lennie Victoria Terry, born 1873, Hopkins Co., KY

More information here:

Personal Pedigree - for T-14

James Terry b. c1825 Upper Canada, m. Hannah, d. 1884 Ontario
offspring: b. Ontario, Canada

Pedigree William D. Terry

1.  William, Sr.  b.  England   d, Virginia
2.  William, Jr. b  1649, England, d.  Virginia  m. Sarah
3.  Capt. James Terry, b. 1665, Lunenberg Cty., Va.  d. 1744, Caroline Cty., Va. m. Mary Diana Royall
4.  Champness Terry, b. 1695, VA. d. 1754, Louisa Cty., Va. m. Christian Evans
5.  Henry Terry Sr. b. Louisa cty., VA. abt. 1715.  d. 1784, Pittsylvania Cty., VA.  m Margaret (Bibb?)
6.  Rev. Henry Terry, Jr.  b. 1741, Pittsylvania Cty., VA. d. 1790. Elbert Cty., Ga.  m. Mary Ann Baldwin,
7.  Henry Terry III, b. 1786, Prince Edward Cty., Va., d.  1860, Anderson Cty., SC, m. Nancy Webb
8.  Thomas Webb Terry, b 1817, Pendelton Dist. SC, d. Nov. 4, 1888, Cherokee Cty, GA. m. Elizabeth Land
9.  William Joseph Terry, b. May 28, 1855, Anderson Cty., SC. d. Dec. 30, 1933, Jefferson Cty., Ok. m. Lou Augusta Voyles
10.  James Jefferson Terry, b. Apr. 5, 1892,Burleson, Tx., d. Mar. 19, 1941, Rayne, La.,m. Mamie Jane Cook
11.  Me- Wm. D. Terry, b. aug. 11, 1926, Dawson, NM.  M.  Wanda Irene Tupper Smith, June 5, 1953

Personal Pedigree - Jim Terry [jimterryjr AT]

Thomas  b c1606 England d 5 Jun 1672 Southold, NY ? m Marie Bigge
Lt. Thomas  b c1631 England  d c1702 Freetown, MA   m Hannah Rogers
Justice Thomas  b 14 Jul 1681 Freetown, MA ? d 1757 Freetown, MA  m Abigail Deane
Abiel   b 3 Dec 1714  d c1787-1793 m Hannah Tisdale
Abiel   b 3 Jul 1740  m Hannah Foster
Abiel Foster b 23 Jun 1785 Assonet, MA d 7 Apr 1863 Middleport, NY m Philena Tisdale
Rev George Washington b 6 Nov 1823 Middleport, NY d 26 Dec 1885 Lima, NY  m Amenia May Odell
Everett Odell  b 13 Apr 1859 Olean, NY  ? d 1932 Brockport, NY  m Abbie Lorinda Short
George Spencer b 6 Aug 1888 Nunda, NY  ? d 17 Sep 1984 Sarasota, FL  m Ruth Evelyn Horton
James Burlingham  b 20 May 1920 Brockport, NY d Dec 1998 Green Valley, AZ m June Virginia Bleyler
James Burlingham, Jr  b 20 Jul 1944 Rochester, NY   m Judith Ann Fawks
Bronson Edward  b 15 Dec 1971 Hartford, CT    m Eleanor Applewhite

Personal Pedigree - SKM [y2k AT]

1. John Self 1 Terry was born 1765 in Va., and died 1840 in Saline Co. Ark. He married Frances "Fanny" Gaddy/Gaddie May 28, 1797 in Madison Co./Bedford Courthouse,Va or Ky., daughter of William Gaddie and Sarah Bryant. She was born 1775 in Hart, Ky, and died 1840 in Hot Spring Co. Arkansas.

Notes for John Self Terry:
These Chil.of John S. Terry reputed to have been reg. as 1/4 Chickasaw Indian in Oklahoma Chickasaw Register.

More About John Self Terry:
Census: 1830, Pulaski Co. AR
Property: July 1836, Tax list 31 Saline Co. AR; 1 horse, 5 cattle
Children of John Terry and Frances Gaddy/Gaddie are:
     2    i.         Sarah "Sally" Ann2 Terry, born Abt. 1798 in Ky.; died May 1870 in Saline Co. Ark. She married (1) Robert Brazil; born 1813 in Territory of IL. She married (2) Jacob Prillamon October 29, 1842 in Saline Co. Ark.
    More About Sarah "Sally" Ann Terry:
Cause of Death: Cause of Death: Neuralgia

    Notes for Robert Brazil:
Fact : Capt. Co. B 1st Reg. AR Mounted Gunmen Volunteers

+    3    ii.         William S. Terry, born Abt. 1799 in KY.; died April 1843 in Saline Co. Ark.
+    4    iii.         Massa Terry, born 1800; died Abt. 1844.
+    5    iv.         Stephen S. Terry, born Abt. 1801; died Bef. May 1838 in Saline Co. Ark.
+    6    v.         George S. Terry, born 1805 in Virginia or Greene Co., Ill.; died Aft. 1860 in Tx.
+    7    vi.         Turner Shannon Terry, born Abt. 1806 in Greene Co., IL; died January 08, 1839 in Saline Co. Ark.
+    8    vii.         Anna Terry, born October 26, 1813 in Lawrence Co. IL; died August 07, 1896 in Polk Co. AR..
     9    viii.         Frances "Frankie" Terry, born Abt. 1815 in ILL.. She married (1) Michael Butler; died April 1839 in Saline Co. Ark.. She married (2) William Walker May 28, 1840 in Saline Co. Ark.
+    10    ix.         Susannah Jane Terry, born 1815 in Greene Co.ILL..
     11    x.         James S. Terry, born 1817 in Greene Co., Ill; died 1839 in Saline Co. Ark.

For more info on this TERRY line--

Personal Pedigree - Steven Mark Hunter [markhunterbburg AT] 

Stephen Terry, d. 12 Dec 1769, Chester Co., SC, m.(1) Sarah ____
   John Terry, b. 27 Apr 1752, d. Chester Co., SC, m. Sarah Sealy
      Jeremiah Sealy Terry, b. 7 Feb 1778, d. Abbeville Co., SC, m. Sarah Terry
         Jane Terry, b. 4 July 1800, Abbeville Co., SC, m.(2) Alexander Hunter

Stephen Terry, d. 12 Dec 1769, Chester Co., SC, m.(1) Sarah ____
   Benjamin Terry, b. 22 Sep 1755, d. Abbeville Co., SC, m. Susannah Carithers
      Sarah Terry, b. Chester Co., SC, d. 1827 Abbeville Co., SC, m. Jeremiah Sealy Terry
         Jane Terry, b. 4 July 1800, Abbeville Co., SC, m.(2) Alexander Hunter

Personal Pedigree - Linda Terry Herd  [goodlands1 AT]
Surnames:  Terry, Roberts, Williams, Greeson, Sides, Collins, Taylor, Collie, Doggett.

James Daniel Terry b. Abt 1812, m. Elizabeth Ann Carter Collie
John Henry Terry b. 12 Aug `843, Giles Co., TN m. Eunice Doggett, m. second Mary Margaret Murray.
James Levi David Terry b. 4 Jun 1863 Giles Co., TN m. Phoebia "Belle" Collins, m. second Victoria Monk.
Henry Clay Terry b. 23 Jan 1883, Giles Co., TN m. Jeanette Jane Goodwin (Nettie)
Cecil Preston Terry b. 18 Jan 1923 m. Dorothy Williford.
Phillip Cecil brother b. 1942 

Personal Pedigree - Gerre Engard Byrd [ggengard AT]

   1 ?   JOSEPH C. TERRY, Sr. d: December 04, 1785 in , Pittsylvania, VA
       +JUDITH CRAWFORD   b: July 09, 1705 in , Hanover, VA   m: Abt. 1736   d: 1782

   2   DAVID TERRY   b: Abt. 1737 in VA      d: Bef. January 02, 1797 in , Pittsylvania, VA
       +Elizabeth LUCK      m: Abt. 1759
   3   THOMAS TERRY   b: February 16, 1762 in , Halifax, VA ? ?d: July 23, 1845 in Marseilles, Crawford, OH
       +SARAH HENDRICK   b: November 24, 1764 in , Bedford, VA ? m: January 01, 1797 in , Halifax/Bedford, VA  
        d: September 13, 1832 in Marseilles, Crawford, OH
   4    ELIZA MARIAH TERRY   b: January 13, 1800 in prob. VA      d: December 1880 in , Saline, MO
       +JOSIAH ROBERTSON, Jr.   b: December 17, 1789 in , Chesterfield, VA   m: April 02, 1818 in , Highland, OH d: August 01, 1863 in , Knox, MO

   5     CAROLINE M(ariah) ROBERTSON   b: Abt. 1822 in , Wyandot, OH      d: March 30, 1870
       +DANIEL (Civil War) BLACK   b: May 20, 1814 in Co. Antrim, IRELAND   m: October 31, 1848 in , Marion,  MO                 d: March 18, 1891 in Miami, Saline, MO

   6     AMERICA CATHERINE BLACK   b: December 10, 1850 in Peanut Grove, Marion, MO d: May 09, 1931 in Commerce, Ottawa,OK
       +AMOS KILPATRICK HALL   b: November 14, 1847 in , Cherokee, NC      m: August 03, 1871 in Marshall, Saline, MO       d: June 11, 1908 in Lincolnville, ,OK

   7   EFFIE MARIAH HALL   b: July 15, 1876 in AR      d: September 06, 1927 in , Ottawa, OK
       +VIRGIL ANDERSON BURTON   b: April 21, 1869 in , Rabun, GA   m: December 20, 1896 in Klaus Ind. Terr., OK  
d: November 28, 1938 in , Ottawa, OK


Personal Pedigree - James William Terry [jwterry99 AT]

Captain James Terry, b. bef 1680 probably in VA; m. unknown; d. before Aug 13, 1744, Caroline Co., VA [suspected ancestor based on land location] 

Gideon Terry, b abt 1753, m. Mary unknown, bef 1786; d. abt Aug 1820 King William Co., VA

William A. Terry, b. May 27, 1793 King William Co., VA; m. (2) Drucilla Spencer abt 1826 in VA; d. Mar. 1851, St. Louis Co., MO

James Henry Terry, b. Dec 1837, St. Louis Co., MO; m. Martha Parlee Jennings, Nov. 14, 1858, Greene Co., MO; d. Apr 1901, St. Louis Co., MO

William T. Terry, b. Apr 20, 1862, St. Louis Co., MO; m. Ellen Nora Callaway, Jul 29, 1886, Lincoln Co., MO; d. Sept 29, 1931, St. Louis Co., MO

Preston (NMN) Terry, b. Oct 6, 1898, St. Louis Co., MO; m. Ruth Tinsley Mosley, Sept 21, 1922, St. Charles Co., MO.; d. Jan 21, 1980, St. Louis Co., MO

Personal Pedigree - Jacque Watkins [jjwatkins AT]

Lewis Terry b 1770 SC m Constance b 1765 VA
Joseph Lewis Terry b Mar 12, 1814 Pendelton SC d Aug 23, 1880 Milam Co TX m Dovinah Walker b Aug 7, 1822 Randolph Co NC d Jan 20, 1899 McLennan Co TX
Duncan Lewis Terry b Jun 29, 1850 Murray Co GA d bef 1900 m Tabitha Ann Brown b Jan 24, 1854 Brazos Co TX d Dec 8, 1935 NV
Alfonso Brown (Jack) Terry b May 17, 1887 Mills Co TX d Nov 8, 1944 Coke Co TX m Leanora Bland b Sep 29, 1903 Orange Co TX d Feb 17, 1972 Coke Co TX
Tempie Terry b Jul 25,1934 Nolan Co TX d May 20, 2003 Natrona Co WY m Robert Cavness b Jun 22, 1927 Mason Co TX

Personal Pedigree - Don Terry [donte47 AT]

Andrew TERRY, b: c1805, Madison County, IL, d: 28 Jun 1836 St. Clair County, IL, m: Nancy Green STICE
George Washington Terry, b: 29 May 1828, Near Belleville, St. Clair, IL, d: 7 Jun 1885, Manti, Sanpete, UT, m: Eliza M. Powell
George Albert Terry, b: 7 Feb 1875, Salina, Sevier Co, UT, d: 28 Nov 1941, Boise, Boise Co., ID, m: Sarah Melissa Robinson
Robert 'A' TERRY, b: 8 Dec 1914, Salina, Sevier Co, UT, d: 26 Oct 1991, Ogden, UT, m: Ella Mae Haws

Personal Pedigree  - Kay Terry [terry5613 AT]

Stephen Terry born 1787 SC : married Martha Patience Breeland 1819 Covington,St.Tammany Parish, LA:  last appeared on 1850 census in LA

Abraham Breeland Terry born 1825 Mississippi: married @ 1848 to Margaret (unknown) : died 1869 in Livingston Parish LA

William Santford Terry born 1857 Livingston Parish, LA:  married 1891 to Nancy Katherine Scarbrough in Catahoula Parish LA : died 1929 Catahoula Parish LA

Albert Abram Terry born 1898 Catahoula Parish LA:  married 1921 to Rita Mae McGuffee in Catahoula Parish, LA : died 1964 buried Catahoula Parish, LA

Living son aged 82

Personal Pedigree - Sharon T. Engle [sengle00 AT]

Stephen Terry b. abt 1790 NC? m. Martha Bracken

John Franklin Terry b. 1813? d. 1902 Lawrence Co., AL m. Louisa Eves & #2 Celia Cheatham

Edward Henry Terry b. 1841 Lawrence Co., AL m. Martha Terry & #2 Cordelia Hill

James Buck Terry b. 1881 Lawrence Co., AL m. Anna Leatherwood

James Odis Terry b. 1907 Lawrence Co., AL m. Dellie Hale

Personal Pedigree - Jane Land Burnett [zkajb AT]

Hi there,
I am interested in the connection to Elizabeth Land. Was this Pendleton Cty?

My Terry is Wm B who married Martha Bailey in Itawambe Cty Miss around 1820+-. I have the date, but not without digging at the moment. Their daughter Martha Julia Terry was my ggrandmother. She, my grandmather and John Young Carney, Martha's husband, and her other daughter, all died of TB before 1910. John lasted a little longer. Martha died in Srpingfield Mo, but John went to Texas where other Terrys were and died there. The story was, Martha was Cherokee,or her mother was. DNA says not. mtDNA is H3, Iberian Penn.

My grandmother Land and my mother's stepmother got together in 1920 and decided that my parents wee related somehow, somewhere. Can't find it. Elizabeth might give a clue.

Any further info appreciated. Email me at

Cheers from London, Jane

Personal Pedigree - Carolyn Kemp [chilkoot AT]

Romie Jeanette TERRY
b. 21 Sept 1894, McNairy Co., TN m. Audie Dee Matthews, 9 Feb 1913, Madison Co., TN m. George Lenard Kemp, 7 Oct 1923, Madison Co., TN d. 6 Mar 1980, Flint, MI
bur: Piggott, AR

William Webster TERRY
b. 7 Apr 1851, TN
m. ca 1870, TN, Dasie Lucinda PRUITT d. 9 Nov 1917, Madison Co., TN bur: Antioch Cem., Humboldt, TN

William Hamilton TERRY -nicknamed "HAM"
b. ca 1824, AL-(from census 1880 said both parents b. SC) m. 30 Mar 1843, Limestone Co., AL, Evaline Tabitha TAYLOR
d. Aft 3 Sept 1885, McNairy Co., TN

Personal Pedigree -  Anita Taylor Terry [attaylor60 AT]

I am trying to find additional information on a very large group of Terry?s who have been in northeastern North Carolina since at least the early 1800's, mainly in Bertie/Hertford/Pitt counties. Information that I have so far is from death certificates, census information and information from older family members. These are my direct ancestors starting with my Father.

(1.) Herbert Lee Terry B Oct. 1917 D July 2003 M Ella Bradley Dec 1938 Born in Hertford Co N.C., Died in Bertie Co. NC

(2.) William Joshua Terry B Jan 1888 D July 1958 M Elsie Farmer Jan. 1912, also m. Florrie Jones; Born in Hertford Co. NC Died in Craven Co. NC

(3.)Hosea Cornelius Terry B 1858 D June 1929 m Martha Holloman Aug. 1879;Born Hertford Co NC D Hertford Co NC

(4.) Richard J. Terry b. Nov 1827 d April 1915 m Letitia Rogerson,  born Pitt Co NC died Bertie Co NC.

(5.) Hillery H. Terry b around 1800 m Mary E. Outlaw (Info obtained from death certificate of Richard J. Terry) Born Hertford Co NC , Mary E. Outlaw born in Beaufort Co NC;

 (6.) Possibly John M. Terry, Listed in the Hertford Co NC 1800 Fed. Census, the township was listed as Capt. Wiggins Captaincy.

I am finding conflicting information regarding (4.) Richard J. Terry's Father. Some entries on the internet are listing his Father as Richard Hillery Terry or Richmond H. Terry. These are also listed as having a wife Mary E. Outlaw. I would like to be factual so if anyone has information that would assist with this, I would appreciate hearing from you. I seem to be hitting a brick wall with this.

Anita Terry Taylor

Personal Pedigree - Carrie Terry Maupin [carriemaupin AT]

Thomas Terry, b. after 1770? VA? NC? SC? TN? m ??
George Terry, b 1811 TN, d. 1876 Perry Co IL, m. Mary Kelly Bridges
William Terry, b 1846 Perry Co IL, d 22 Feb 1896 Perry Co IL, m. Mary Elizabeth Ward
Hansel Terry, b 1881 Perry Co IL, d 02 June 1924 Union Co, IL m Carrie Edith Dilliner
Lewis Terry, b 1923 AR, d. 29 Oct 1993 Woodland CA, m Marjorie Agnes Coughlin

Personal Pedigree - Sharol Terry Pestotnik [SabreQueen1 AT]

1. John Terry b. 1740 NJ,? d. 19 Jan 1795 Cincinnati Oh
2. Robert Terry b. 12 Aug 1771 NJ, d. 16 Feb In,  m. Chloe Worrel
3. Ansel Terry b. 10 Aug 1797 Ky, d. 3 Jan 1884 Mo, m.Elizabeth Foster
4. Robet J Terry b. 10 Apr 1832 In, d. 9 Dec 1897 Mo, m.#1 Mary C Hammond, #2 Susan M Hammond
5.George Terry b. 11? Dec 1857 Mo, d. Sept 1925 Co, m.Mary Hampton
5. John G Terry b. 7 Feb 1865 Mo, d. 19 July 1917 Ne, m. Anna Martin
6.William R Terry b.24 Oct 1884 Mo, d. 22 May 1956 Co, m.Ollie L Terry
6.Ollie L Terry b. 7 July 1889 Mo, d. 14 May 1953 Co, m.William R Terry
7. Earnest G Terry b. 7 Apr 1912 Ne, d Jan 1985 Co, m. Viva Ackerson
8. James Grant Terry b. 6 July 1935 Co, m. Mary Ann Nichols

Personal Pedigree  - Jack Morris Terry, Jr.  [jmterry AT]

John (Jack) Terry, Jr. b. c1780 Va. d. Stewart Co. Ga. m. wife last name Mabry
Daniel Terry b.1812 Nc. d. 1864 Stewart Co. Ga. m.Elizabeth Gunn
Peyton Reynolds Terry b.1859 Louvale, Ga. died 1919 Ranger, Tx m. Nancy Jennie Whitehead
Jack Morris Terry, Sr. b. 1899 McKinney, Tx. Died 1986 Houston, Tx. m. June Cathey

Personal Pedigree - David D. Terry III [dave AT]

1. James Terry, b. abt 1788, in ? South Carolina, lived in Limestone Co., AL & Hardin Co. TN
2. Chapman L. Terry, b. 08 JUL 1824 in Limestone Co., AL (wife Eliz. DAVIS)
3. Robert Allen Terry, b. 03 DEC 1862 in Cartwright, Limestone Co., AL (moved to TX in 1900) (wife Susan PURYEAR)
4. David Dawson Terry, b. 08 MAR 1889 in Cartwright, Limestone Co., AL (wife Alice CAMP)
5. David Dawson Terry, Jr. b. 10 MAY 1921 in Greenville, Hunt Co., TX (wife Alice DAVIS)
6. David Dawson Terry, III. b. 30 APR 1943 in Greenville, Hunt Co., TX

Personal Pedigree - Sheri Ferris [suni318 AT]

William? TERRY b c1780 d? c1840 m Jenny?Qunny EDWARDS in WARREN Co GA
child: (more children I'm not listing because of time)
William Henry TERRY b 1821 in Warren Co, GA? m Sara WHITTINGTON in Muscoggee Co, GA d c1877 in AL
child:? (more children ")
John Bunion TERRY b Jan 23, 1844 in Muscoggee Co, GA m Susannah J.M. DICKENS died in Madison, FL 1928

Personal Pedigree - William Patrick Terry  [wterry AT]

Grandfather James Elijah Terry born 1890 Cookeville Tenn. married Maude Stone (same part of Tenn.) 1918. His father was William Lafayette Terry (birthdate and place of birth unknown, but lived in Cookeville TN area , brother A.M. Terry (unknown name and dates) William Lafayette was married to Sarah Ann  Pointer (TN.)( unknown dates). William Lafayette's father was named Elijah Terry (no dates or place). Grandfather James Elijah moved to Wolf Point Montana in 1910 and died there in 1968. I was born in  Wolf Point and moved to Prince Albert Saskatchewan in  l967 and from there moved to Vancouver area of  British Columbia where I have lived since. This is all the information I have at present. Best Regards, Bill Terry

Personal Pedigree - Marsha Baumgartner [marshab AT]

Thomas B. Terry b AL 1835-1842, d MS, m Mary J. Doster
Richard Stewart Terry, b. 1873 MS, d. 1938, m. Mary Elizabeth Brown 1907,
Billy S. Terry, b 1927, m. Margaret Johnson, living
Marsha Terry, b 1950, living, m David Baumgartner

Personal Pedigree - Tanna Allman [samuraipie AT]

Miles Terry b. 1762, Boutetort Co. VA  m.  Hannah Horton

   Annie Terry b. 1790 Pike Co. KY  m.  Cornelius Estep
      Celia Estep 1815 Pike Co.  KY  m.   John Scott

          Rebecca Cooper b. 1842 Boone Co. WV   m.   Mandaville Scott

              Leatha Scott b. 1887  Kanawha Co. WV  m.   John Hudson

Pedigree Pedigree - Clinton Terry [ccte8186 AT]

John Terry, b 1802, came from England and settled in Bradford Co, PA, m Katherine Betts
their son, John E. Terry, b c 1850/51, m Flora Hibbard
their son, Leo Claude Terry, b 1890, m Mary Caldwell
their son, Leo Caldwell Terry, b 1930, m Marylin Hyatt
their son, Clinton Caldwell Terry, b 1959, m Terri Frosch - and yes, her name is Terri Terry!
their son, Cameron Caldwell Terry, b 1992

Personal Pedigree - Judith A. Terry [judyterry36 AT]

Robert Madison Terry b.1867 Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky. d.1936 Tenn m. Elizabeth Morgan b. 1875 d.
1902 (2) Sarah Virginia Snow b. 1887 d. 1948

William W. Terry b. 1832 Henry, Tenn. d.1925 ?Henry, Tenn. m. Mary Ann Littleton 1879.Mary Sally Calloway
1886, ?Thankful Carlin Rankin 1852 Kentucky

Champion Terry b.1786 Edgecombe, North Carolina d. 1850/1860 Henry, Tenn. m . Besty Porter 1808,
Livingston, Ky b. abt 1788 (2) Nancy Pitt 1817 (3) Mary Hewett 1855. Henry Tenn b. 1795

Thomas Terry b. 1756, Edgecombe, North Carolina d.1823 Livingston, Ky m. Nancy Champion
1782 Edgecombe North Carolina, b. 1762  d. 1850 Livingston, Ky

Personal Pedigree - Susan Wells [all3wells1 AT]

David Terry 1772-1856 b. Virginia and d. Alabama, m. Nancy E Jordan 1772-1856
Francis Marion Terry 1844-1915 b. Alabama d. Texas, m. Mariah E Todd
Annie Belle Terry 1872-1956 b. Alabama d. Texas m. John Guernsey
Annie Lois Guernsey 1915-1993 b. Texas d. California
and me

Personal Pedigree - V. Rose [vicki_sisterof_3 AT]

My Gggrandmother Wilmarth Terry ?b.1815 in Franklin Co. Va.
m. Sept. 2, 1838 to Raleigh/Rawley Gross b1820 in Pittsylvania Co.Va.

 Ggrandmother Susan Malissa Gross b.1848 in Tazewell Co. Va. m. Joseph W. Lowe b.1850

 Grandmother Minnie Malissa Lowe bFeb.14,1881 in Tazewell Co. Va. d. Sept11,1928 in
Central City, Muhlenberg Co Ky. m.  in Wise Co. Va. May 3,1900 to Killis Duncan b.1876 in Tazewell Co Va. d. May 2,1935 in Hopkinsville, Christian Co.Ky.

 Myrtle Victoria Duncan b. Oct.7,1911 in Warren Co. Ky. d. Oct 5,1972 in Muhlenberg Co. Ky. m. June 10,1927  in Cleaton , Muhlenberg Co Ky. to Joseph William(Willie) Miller b. Feb.15,1909 d.Dec.7, 1972 Muhlenberg Co Ky.

I'm told Wilmarth Terry's mom and dad was Joseph Terry b. 1769 in Pittsylvania Co Va.
and Lucinda Terry. That is all the info I have any help is greatly appreciated.

Personal Pedigree - Sue (Terry) Schulze [esschulze AT]

My tree as far back as I can go at this time is David Terry married to Nancy Jordan, Bibb Co. Alabama;
John H. Terry, b. 1810, married Elizabeth Emily Baker
Francis Marion Terry, b. 1843 in Bibb Co., Alabama married Mariah Elizabeth Todd
James Madison Virgil Terry, b. 1880 in Bibb Co., Alabama, married Bertha Bentley, died in Cherokee Co., Texas
Bennie Alcaster Terry (my father)b. 1910 in Cherokee Co., TX married Edna Mae McLaughlin, died 2005.

Personal Pedigree - Susan Wells [all3wells1 AT]

Greetings!  This is my family:

               David Terry 1772-1846 b Virginia d in Alabama Bibb County, m Nancy E. Jordan (1772-1856)
                       John H Terry (1810-?) b S.Carolina M Elizabeth Baker (1813-?) in Bibb Alabama
                               Francis Marion Terry (1844-1915) b. Alabama d. Texas, m. Maria(h) E. Todd (1847-1933) in 1862 Jasper, Mo
                                       Annie Belle Terry (1872-1957) b.Alabama d. Donna, TX. m, John L. Guernsey in Donna Texas
                                               Annie Lois Guernsey (1915-1993) b Donna, Tx, died Barstow, Ca.

Personal Pedigree - Kenneth Waters Terry [kwt1144 AT]

Father's Line -

Stephen Terry b 1535 Long Sutton, Hampshire, England m Alice Cannar
Thomas Terry b 1571 England m Joan Bing
Thomas Terry b 1607 Southwold, Kent, England m Marie Bigge
Thomas Terry b 1635 Oysterponds, NY m Eliza Horton
Thomas Terry b 1678 Oysterponds, NY m Abigail Havens
Jonathan Terry b 12 Apr 1714 Southold, NY m Lydia Tuthill
Daniel Tuthill Terry b 26 Dec 1759 Oysterponds, NY m Rhoda L. Tuthill
David J. Terry b 30 May 1808 Orient, NY m Caroline R. Terry
Orville H. Terry b 20 Jan 1840 Orient, NY m Rhoda T. Latham
Frederick Latham Terry b 21 Jul 1877 Orient, NY m May Waters
Lloyn Elton Terry b 14 Aug 1910 Orient, NY m Martha Younie Terry

Mother's Line -

Stephen Terry b 1535 Long Sutton, Hampshire, England m Alice Cannar
Thomas Terry b 1571 England m Joan Bing
Richard Terry b 17 Aug 1618 Southwold, Kent, England m Abigail Lines
John Terry b 15 May 1662 Southold, NY m Hannah Moore
John Terry b 08 Jan 1698 Southold, NY m Martha Petty
Joseph Terry b 01 Sep 1732 Oysterponds, NY m Submit King
Joseph Terry b Sep 1766 Oysterponds, NY m Huldah Tabor
Henry Horace Terry b 26 Oct 1798 Oysterponds, NY m Thirza Priscilla Brown
Henry Horace Terry b 25 Feb 1844 Orient, NY m Mary Augusta Young
William Young Terry b 14 Aug 1883 m Jessie Anderson Younie
Martha Younie Terry b 16 Aug 1911 Orient, NY m Lloyd Elton Terry

Personal Pedigree -  K.  Kirkham [kkirkham2021 AT]

Gen1.William TERRY, (b 1724 ?/Botetourt/VA; d 1803 /Botetourt/VA) m Rachel MARSTON1
 Gen 2. (a)Josiah,
 ? ? ? ? ? (b) Elijah,
 ? ? ? ? ? (c) John,
 ? ? ? ? ? (d) William,
 ? ? ? ? ? (e) Miles,
 ? ? ? ? ? (f) Susannah,
 ? ? ? ? ? (g) Mercy,
 ? ? ? ? ? (h) Jasper,
 ? ? ? ? ? ?(i) Rachel,
 ? ? ? ? ? ?(k) Jemima
Gen2c John TERRY(b1760/Botetourt/VA; d. 7 Dec 1842 /Perry/IN)m 2Feb 1781 Esther BROWN2Gen.3 (a) Josiah
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (b) William
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (c) John
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (d) George F
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (e) Haden
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(f) Elijah
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(g) Esther
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(h) Elisha
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(i) Rachel
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (j) Miles
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (k) Thomas
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(l) Daniel
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(m) Jasper
Gen3b William TERRY(b. 7 Nov 1785 /Hardwick/TN; d. 15 May 1869 /Greene/MO) m.
 ? ? ? ? ?Barbara ENNIS (b. 24 Oct 1788 /Burke/NC; d. 12 Feb 1883 /Barry/MO)3
Gen 4 (a) John
 ? ? ? ? (b) William
 ? ? ? ? (c) Martin
 ? ? ? ? (d) Hettie
 ? ? ? ? (e) Matilda
 ? ? ? ? (f) Nancy
 ? ? ? ? (g) Melinda
 ? ? ? ? (h) Betty
Gen4e Matilda TERRY (b. 5 Jan 1822 /Gibson/IN; d. 21 Aug 1904 /BArry/MO) m.
 Elisha ENNIS (b. 29 Nov 1814 /Burke/NC; d 25 Nov 1881 /Barry/MO)4
Gen 5 (a) William
 ? ? ? ? (b) Martin
 ? ? ? ? (c) Armandy)
 ? ? ? ? (d) Thomas F P
 ? ? ? ? (e) Mary E
 ? ? ? ? (f) J W
 ? ? ? ? (g) Lorenzo (a)
 ? ? ? ? (h) Miles T
Gen 5b Martin ENNIS (b. 29 Nov 1842 /Madison/AR); d. 1 Jul 1899 /Barry/MO) m.
Mary Susan JENNINGS (b. 7 Apr 1848 //MO; d. 14 Dec 1907 /Barry/MO)5
Gen 6(a) Lorenzo(a) Dow ENNIS.
Gen 6(a) Lorenzo(a) Dow ENNIS (b. 28 Nov 1872 /BArry/MO; d. 25 Jun 1960 Aurora/Lawrence/MO) m. Laura Jane SPENCER (b. 4 Nov 1872 //MO d. 26 Oct 1940 /Stone/MO)6
Gen 7 (a) Olan Ernest ENNIS (b. 29 May 1908 //MO; d. 9 Oct 1985 Monett/Barry/MO) m.
Dialtha Jane WILSON (b. 29 Oct 1911 //MO; d. 2 Oct 1988 Springfield/Greene/MO)7
Gen 8 (a) Living ENNIS (b. 24 Oct 1935 /Liberty TWP/Barry/MO) m. Living MATTINGLY ( b. 20 Nov 1938 VanBuren TWP/Newton/MO)8
Gen 9 (a) Living ENNIS m Living Daugherty9
Gen 10 (a) Living ENNIS m. Living Kirkham10

Sources: (superscripts)
1.  Kegley's Virginia Frontier pp 536 & 631; NSDAR RC 642749; A.L. Worrell. Early Marriages, Wills & Some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt Co, VA.
2. Kegley's Virginia Frontier pp 536 & 631; NSDAR RC 642749; A.L. Worrell. Early Marriages, Wills & Some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt Co, VA.
3. Harriet Terry, ?Terry Family Data,? The Madison County Genealogist, 2, p. 115, 1968-1971.
4. 1850 Federal Census, Prairie TWP, Madison Co. Arkansas; JD Terry, pesonal communication, 2006
5. Ibid, 3
6. DC LD Ennis; 1930 Federal Census, Minearl TWP, Barry Co., Missouri; TS LJ Ennis
7. DC OE Ennis, DC DJ Ennis
8. BC Living Ennis; BC Living Mattingly 
9. BC Living Ennis; BC Living Daugherty
10. BC Living Ennis; BC Living Kirkham 

Personal Pedigree - Deborah Terry Banfil [deb.b76137 AT]

Gen1. Edden TERRY (b1795/?NC;d 1880 Jackson co/Tn)m Arietta TUCKER    Eddin is said to have brother named John TERRY they both resided on Roaring River (Spring Creek) in Jackson Co, Tn.
 Gen2.(a)John Jackson
          (b)George Washington
          (c)Elizabeth Elvina m Carroll Crocker
          (d)James Terry(died infant)
          (e)Serena Margaret m William Roach Pryor
          (f) William Jasper
          (g)Eddenois Bird
        *(h)Hugh Rhiah
          (i) Zaccarias Taylor
          (j)Tillmon rowland
          (k)Alfred Carroll
Gen 2. Hugh Rhiah TERRY (b1841/Jackson co/Tn;d1916 Putnam co./Tn) m Julia A QUARLES
 Gen 3.*(a)William Taylor
            (b)robert Bedford
           (c)Elizabeth Dee m McGlasson
           (d)Verna Angeline m Fred Maxwell
           (e)Mary (died infant)
           (f)Stanton Thaddeus
           (g)Daisy Peru (died infant)
           (h)Emma K "Dello" m Lee Jared
           (i)Levina Ragland  m Hershall Baker
Gen 3. William Taylor TERRY (b1867 Jackson co/Tn;d 1944 Smith co/Tn) m Angeline HIX
 Gen 4. (a)Lila   m Charles Allen
           (b)Effie  m Clark Roberts
           (c)Lee Marcus
           (d)Homer Delmus
          *(e)Dallas Arnold
Gen 4. Dallas Arnold TERRY (b1902 Smithco./Tn;d 1945 Carthage/Tn)m Madge WILLIAMS
 Gen 5 (a) Harold Eugene
         *(b)James Wendell
Gen 5 James Wendell TERRY (b1930 dixonsprings/tn,currently living in Rockport Tx.)m.Rosemary SAWERS
 Gen 6*(a)Deborah Lynne
          (b)William Eugene
Gen 6 Deborah Lynne TERRY (b1956 San Antonio/Tx,resides Fort Worth Tx.)m Robert A. BANFILL
 Gen 7(a) Reyna Marie
         (b) Elissa Lynnae

Personal Pedigree - Jim Cooke [jecooke88 AT]

Abraham Cooke-Old Rapp Co, VA/New Kent, VA (ca1665-ca1720) m Martha Clayton;
John Cooke-Cumberland Co, VA(ca1700-1775) m Mary (unknown surname);
James Cooke (ca1740-1782) m Anna Ford, 1764-Amelia Co, VA;
Stephen Cooke-Cumberland Co, VA (ca1775-1845) m Mary Marshall Booker, 1805 - Cmb Co, VA;
James Edward Cooke-Cmb Co Va, Powhatan, VA (ca1810-May,1855) m Sarah Harris Steger, 1834-Cmb VA;
James Harris Cooke-Cmb Co Va (1846-1927) m 1870 Mildred Ann Barker;
Thurston David Cooke (1875-1930) m 1907 Grace Eleanor Oliver;
Henry Edward Cooke (1914-1988) m 1934 Audrey Irene White;
James Edward Cooke (living) m 1960 Janice Elaine Smith
James Edward Cooke, Jr. (living) m 1989 Karen Renee Richardson.

Personal Pedigree - Nancy (Terry) Von Behren  [nvonbehren AT]

Gideon Terry, b. abt 1753; d. 1821 King William Co., Va.
 ? ? ?William A. Terry, b. 27 May 1793 King William Co.; d. 11 Mar 1851 District 82, St. Louis Co., Mo.
 ? ? ? ? ? ? Stephen Lee Terry, b. 15 Dec 1819 Va.; d. 22 Dec 1901 Auglaize, Camden Co., Mo.; m. Elizabeth (Mary) Thompson Evans.
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Stephen Lee Terry, b. 8 Feb 1867 Pattonville, St. Louis Co., Mo.; d. 15 Jan 1940 Jefferson Co., Mo.; m. Minervia Belle Young.
 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Walter Preston Terry, b. 4 Sept 1892 Auglaize, Camden Co., Mo.; d. 9 Mar 1970 St. Louis Co., St. Louis Co., Mo.; m. Garnett Alice Anton. ?

Personal Pedigree: - William Samuel Terry IV

Stephen Terry, d. ca 1825, md. Sarah Davis, d/o Nathaniel Davis; He d. in Botetourt Co., VA
John Alfred Terry, b. 1804, md. Sallie Young in Barren Co., KY.? Other children of Stephen & Sarah were Nathaniel Davis Terry, Drusilla Terry, Bennet W. Terry.
William Samuel Terry, Sr., b. 1847, d. 1924, md. Caroline T. Smith in 1910.
William Samuel Terry, Jr., b. 1911, d. 1999, md. Frances E. Cheaney in 1933.

Personal Pedigree - Donna Goff Gabbard

   1     Stephen Terry   1700 - 1762
.....   2     Roland Terry   - 1824
.............   3     Stephen Terry   1762 -
.............   3     Mary Terry   1764 -
...................      +Henry Johnson   
.............   3     [1] Sarah Terry   1766 -
...................      +John Gooch   1770 - 1800
.............      *2nd Husband of [1] Sarah Terry:   
...................      +William Gooch   
.............   3     James Terry   1768 - 1828
...................      +Mary Gooch   1775 - 1832
.............   3     Elizabeth Terry   1770 -
...................      +Godfrey Akin   
.............   3     John Terry   1772 - 1855
...................      +Sarah Gooch   1779 - 1849
.....................   4     "James" Gideon Terry   1799 - 1889
.....................   4     Nancy Terry   1801 -
.....................   4     Margaret Terry   1803 - 1862
...........................      +Thomas Jefferson Priddy   1796 - 1876
.............................   5     William Jasper Priddy   
.............................   5     John T. Priddy   
.....................................   6     Columbus Hampton Priddy   
.............................   5     Richard H. Priddy   
.....................   4     Judith Terry   1805 - 1889
...........................      +Thomas Wells Woods   
.....................   4     Mary Terry   1807 -
.....................   4     Thomas P.Terrey   1808 - 1890
...........................      +Francis Malinda Priddy   1807 - 1870
.............................   5     Francis Marion "Frank" Terry   1829 - 1872
...................................      +Sarah Ann Locke   1833 - 1914
.....................................   6     [2] Ceily Pearl Terry   1854 - 1919
...........................................      +John Lovis "Doc" Williams   1852 -
.....................................      *2nd Husband of [2] Ceily Pearl Terry:   
...........................................      +William Berkley "Billy" Schultz   1855 -
............................................   7     Sarah Naomi "Sally" Schultz   1885 - 1961
..................................................      +Andrew Levi Williams   1879 - 1963
....................................................   8     Florence Ora Williams   1902 - 1990
..........................................................      +Fred Luther Smith   1893 - 1947

Personal Pedigree - Carol Thomas

John Terry b. 1808 in VA, m. abt 1828 to Mary ?
Mary Jane Terry b. 1838 in MS, m. Jesse Henderson Miller in Desoto Cty.,MS in 1855

Personal Pedigree - Craig Terry

John b c1740 NJ m. Ruth __ d c1804 Hamilton County, Ohio
Reuben b c1765 NJ m. 1762 Sarah SELF m. 1835 Elizabeth CRESS d Aug 1844 Nicholas Co., KT
George S. b Jan 1812 Bourbon Co., KT m. Aug 1832 Ursula BOLES d. Mar 1843 Fulton, Callaway Co. MO farmer
Reuben b Sep 1840 Callaway Co., MO m Oct 1881 Melissa GUY Beeding  d. Mar 1920 Mono Co., CA rancher/lumberman
Reuben C. b May 1884 Mono Co., CA m Feb 1906 Olive Blanche GREEN  d Feb 1930 Lyon Co. NV rancher

Personal Pedigree- David Nicks Terry- [dterry5 AT]

WILLIAM B TERRY, b 1797 d 1878 Orange Co NC, m Elizabeth J Brown 13 Sep 1824 per Person Co NC records. I have copy of papers prepared by him and signed by he and wife which states he was a Justice of Peace Orange Co in 1855.
BEDFORD MARION TERRY, b 1833 d abt 1906 Orange Co NC, m Elizabeth Mildred "Bettie" Riley 22 Mar 1857,Orange Co, NC.  BMT was Civil War soldier, wounded in battle at Cold Harbor Va 3 Jun 1864. Returned to NC. I have a photo.
JOHN LYON TERRY, b 1869 Orange Co. NC d 1935 Person Co NC. m Sallie Bell Wheeley 24 Feb 1897 Orange Co NC. 
JOHN RAINEY TERRY,b 12 Oct 1900 Orange Co NC, d 14 Mar 1977 Durham NC. m Bertha Lee Pleasant 25 Dec 1921 Halifax Co Va, b 14 Jul 1903, Person Co NC.