(This is of course a work in progress)

Individuals in this group who have DNA tested: T-19, T-39, T-74 and M-1.

The persons in this group are distinct in that their haplogroup G2 is rare among Europeans. From this information alone you can definitely say they are not related to the Southside Virginia Terry men in Haplgroup I - Lineage I in the study [haplogroup I2a]nor the northern branches of Terry men out of early Long Island, New York also [haplogroup I2a]. It appears from the DNA tests Jasper Terry is unrelated to descendants and/or ancestors of John Terry and Esther Brown although both families appear in Botetourt County, Virginia.

There is quite a bit on the family of Jasper Terry and son Josiah Terry and Descendants in of Terry and Allied Families Volume I and II by Frances Terry Ingmire rev 1983. 

In light of recent DNA results please read pages 34-40  Montgomery-Botetourt County Deeds and Marriages Sorry, these were done on a typewriter and scanned in to Adobe Acrobat pages. See files TFHMAR83-4.pdf   TFHMAR83-5.pdf in above link.

So early descendants of this Terry family can be found in Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas.

Haplogroup G - Lineage 02 - (by DNA; all share a common ancestor) Haplogroup G2a3b1

Contact: Kevin Morgan [retread2006 AT]
Y-DNA Kit # 28297 M-1

0 Lydia Morgan b 1790 Montgomery Co VA d Aft 1850 Cannon Co TN

1 Allen Morgan b 1812 Montgomery Co VA d 09 Mar 1862 Cannon Co TN

2 Robert Allen Morgan b 18 Dec 1853 Cannon Co TN d 29 Jan 1923 Warren Co TN

3 Ricie Kidwell Morgan b 26 Jan 1876 Cannon Co TN d 28 Oct 1932 Warren Co TN

4 Sam Houston Morgan b 10 Feb 1924 Warren Co TN d 23 Sep 1977 Indianapolis, IN

Contact: Jack Terry [jtatcolony AT] Y-DNA Kit # 50614 T-19

0 Jasper Terry b ca 1720-1730 m Mary ?? d ??

1 Josiah Terry b 02 Apr 1755 in Botetourt Co VA
+ Mary Lloyd

2 Jasper Morrison Terry b 06 Jan 1777 in Botetourt Co VA
+ Sarah Fuller

3 Anslum Lumium Terry b 25 May 1800 in Montgomery Co VA
+ Re
becca E. Waggoner

4 Jasper Newton Terry b 20 Sep 1834 in Jersey Co IL
Mary Ann James

5 James Robert Terry, b. 08 Aug 1882 in Vance, Real Co TX
+ Clara Ellen Scott

6 Jasper Newton Terry b. 26 Mar 1909
+ Josephine Honeymoon Rizzio

Contact: C. D. Terry [cdttexas AT] Y-DNA Kit # 77541 T-39

0 Jasper Terry bc 1729 in Botetourt Co VA
+ Mary ??
d ??

1 Josiah Terry b 02 Apr 1755 in Botetourt Co VA d ?? in Big Clifty, Hardin Co KY
+ Mary Lloyd

2 Aaron Burr Terry b 07 Dec 1782 in Montgomery Co VA d 15 Feb 1873 in White Mills, Hardin Co KY
+ Mary Elizabeth Winters

3 Morgan Green Terry b ca 1834 in VA d Aft 28 Jun 1880 OK?
+ Mary E Sanger

4 John Wilburn Terry b 27 Sep 1863 in Big Clifty, Grayson Co KY d 17 Apr 1933 in McCloud, Pottawatamie Co OK
+ Katherine Teague

5 Charles Wilburn Terry b 12 Dec 1893 in Norman, Cleveland Co OK m Edith Alma Stowell d Apr 1955 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co OK
Note by Mike Terry: The contact C. D. Terry is now deceased. I have copies of family research by C. D. Terry if you are interested in this family.

Contact: Roger Terry [RTerry5390 AT] Y-DNA Kit # 154031 T-74

0 Jasper Terry bc 1729 in Botetourt Co VA
+ Mary ?? d ??

1 Josiah Terry b 02 Apr 1755 in Botetourt Co VA d ?? in Big Clifty, Hardin Co KY
+ Mary Lloyd

2 Aaron Burr Terry b 07 Dec 1782 in Montgomery Co VA d 15 Feb 1873 in White Mills, Hardin Co KY
+ Mary Elizabeth Winters

3 David L. Terry b 19 Feb 1821 KY d 11 Jan 1907 Hardin Co KY
+ Amelia D. Lawson

4 Logan L. Terry b 07 Jan 1860 IL d 30 Aug 1942 Jefferson Co KY
+ Martha Fields

5 John T. Terry b 20 Feb 1882 Hart Co KY d 12 Sep 1947 Louisville, KY
+ Florence R. Brown Jaggers m(2)

Contact: Eileen Thurman [thurmchcs AT]

0 Jasper Terry bef 1724 Uknown d ?? VA
+ Mary ??

1 Josiah Terry b 02 Apr 1755 in Botetourt Co VA d ?? Hardin Co KY
+ Mary Lloyd

2 Aaron Burr Terry b 07 Dec 1782 in Montgomery Co VA d 15 Feb 1873 in White Mills, Hardin Co KY
+ Mary Elizabeth Winters m 26 Nov 1804

3 Thomas Winters Terry b 13 Sep 1805 in Montgomery Co VA d 04 Sep 1877 Montgomery Co VA
+ Susan Akers m
26 Aug 1837

4 Thomas Bowyer Terry b 10 Sep 1848 Montgomery Co VA d 25 Jan 1910 Montgomery Co IN
+ Mary Ellen Teeters m 01 Mar 1874

5 Thomas Vorhees Terry b 29 Sep 1885 Montgomery Co IN d 08 Jun 1970 Montgomery Co IN
+ Cora Malicca Busenbark m 26 Aug 1914

6 Clayton Eston Terry b 02 Jul 1916 d 07 Jun 2004 Vigo Co IN
+ Ethel Elizabeth Manges m 23 Apr 1938

Contact: Judy Ann Terry (Friederich)   [greg_friederich AT]

0 Jasper Terry b c1725-30 d c 1772
+ Mary Morrison

1 Josiah Terry b 02 Apr 1755 d 10 Jun 1839
+ Mary Lloyd

2 Jasper Morrison Terry b 06 Jan. 1777 d 14 Oct 1851
+ Sarah Fuller

3 James Fuller Terry b 19 May 1809 d. 24 Aug 1887
+ Catherine “Kit” Boiles

4 John Loren Terry b 02 May 1854 d 29 Apr 1936
+ Saphira Jane Clymer

5 Emri Taylor Terry b 24 Sep. 1888 d Apr 1950
+ Adeline (Addie) Marie Lawhon

6 Loren Emri Terry b. 28 Jun 1915 d 04 Mar 2003
+ Edith Lou Swearingen

The genetic distance of 3 between T-19 and T-39 utilizing 67 markers indicates they are "related". However, the results are probably closer than the markers suggest due to mutations occurring after 1780. In fact, in a deposition in Hardin County, Kentucky chancery records, dated September 18, 1841 in the case of Blight vs. Anderson.  John S. Terry, a surveyor, stated Jasper Terry, Sr. was his "Uncle". -- Therefore Jasper Terry b 1777 and Aaron Terry b 1782 were brothers. Source: Terry and Allied Families, Volume II, page 36 by the late Frances Terry Ingmire, rev 1983. I do have transcription of the deposition sent to me by Eileen Thurman.


I have found proof that Jasper whose wife was Mary, my ancestor, was not the same man as Jasper, the son of William. It is a Bible record passed through William Terry, William's son Jasper whose wife was Ruth, his daughter Drusilla who m. Alfred Jones, their son William Franklin Jones who m. Emily Inglefield, their daughter Nellie Jones who m. Edward McClure, their son Harley McClure who m. Eva Armstrong, to their son Dale McClure.

"The following was recorded in the family Bible.
Jasper Terry Born July 23, 1742
Elijah Terry his son Born September 3, 1769, Deceased February 18, 1825
Silas Terry Born January 30, 1772, Deceased April 5, 1805
Kezia Terry Born December 25, 1777
Elisha Terry Born August 3, 1780
William Terry Born September 8, 1783
Jamima Terry Born April 24, 1786
Jonathan Terry Born July 24, 1788
This was the end of the page. I do not know if this was his entire family. There was no mention of the name of his wife."

These children match those listed in the will of Jasper son of William. This is proof that my ancestor Josiah, who was born 2 April 1755, when this Jasper was only 13 years old, was not the son of this Jasper. This Jasper was only 2 years old when my Jasper was buying buttons and a corset at Daniel Monahan's sale in 1744.

Source: Email from  Eileen Thurman [thurmchcs AT] to Robert Mike Terry [mterry3158 AT] 02 Oct 2012.

As more males test in this group we will probably see a more clearly defined modal group. 


In comparing 67 markers, the probability that T-19 and T-39 shared a common ancestor within the last....
4 generations 8 generations 12 generations 16 generations 20 generations 24 generations
21.88% 66.05% 89.73% 97.48% 99.46% 99.89%

*The above numbers are based exclusively on the comparison of their Y-DNA results, which show no mismatches. I believe a generation is considered to be 25 years.

The FTDNATiP results are based on the mutation rate study presented during the 1st International Conference on Genetic Genealogy, on Oct. 30, 2004. The above probabilities take into consideration the mutation rates for each individual marker being compared.