Quick thumbnail of Margie Brown's Pedigree Chart

1. Benjamin Terry died Pittsylvania Co 1771 wife Elizabeth ( I believe Dickerson)

2. Nathaniel Terry died 1780 wife Sarah Royal

3. Nathaniel Terry died 1837 Ky wife Ann Thompson

4. William T. Terry died 1854 Ky wife Elizabeth Watlington

5. Lucy Herbert Terry died 1893 Ky md Coleman Jordan

6. Elizabeth W Jordan died 1905 Ark md J. Thomas Duncan

James Thomas Duncan (Civil War) died 1887 Ark, leaving 7 children, one being my grandfather William Duncan md Odelia DesRuisseaux, my mother the only daughter with 8 brothers, Mary Ruth Duncan died 1989 Tx md Fred W. Garrison died 1968 AR.

I got so interested in the Terry's because there was so much misinformation that was easily disproved by court records. Halifax and Pittsylvania counties probably have the best records in VA.