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Richmond Co NC Census

Census Info Compiled by Jay Terry

Richmond Co NC Marriages Marriages from different sources
William Terry of Anson County NC.PDF William Terry progenitor of this group by Jay Terry
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(The file was privatized to conceal data on living individuals): 

Descendants of Matthew Raiford includes William Terry East and William Terry West of the Peedee in NC, as they both married Raiford women. This file is in seven parts for those without high speed internet and represents the life work on the Raiford-Terry family by Elaine (Farmer) Blackman, Mr. Franklin Farmer and others. 

To distinguish the two William Terrys who came  to Anson County abt. the same time, one may be called 'Wm. Terry,  of  Savannah  Creek' or 'William,  west of the Peedee,'  and  the  other 'William Terry of Hitchcock's Cr.' or William,  east of the  Peedee.' The latter,  however, began to be called 'William Terry,  Jr.'  in  the latter half of the 1750's to distinguish  him  from  William Terry, of Savannah Creek, who was occasionally called Wm. Terry, Sr. If the two families were related there is no record of  it." -- Note from Ralph Terry of Coleman, Texas.

Richmond County DNA results for William Terry East of the Peedee.

See Kit # 82851  T-43 William Terry  b Abt. 1744; d about 20 Mar 1804 in Anson Co, NC m  Abt. 1764 Anne Raiford - H. Wayne Terry [highstick AT comporium.net]

You might want to check the file by Larry and Elaine (Farmer) Blackman which is more current:

Blackman - Farmer Ancestry file by Larry and Elaine Blackman on Ancestry

Descendants of Matthew Raiford_01 Page 001-099
Descendants of Matthew Raiford_02 Page 100-199
Descendants of Matthew Raiford_03 Page 200-299
Descendants of Matthew Raiford_04 Page 300-399
Descendants of Matthew Raiford_05 Page 400-499
Descendants of Matthew Raiford_06 Page 500-699
Descendants of Matthew Raiford_07 Page 600-773 (Includes Footnotes)