Taking a look at David Terry of Louisa County Virginia 
David Terry of Highland County, Ohio

Notes from Margie Brown

David Terry, Son of Champness Terry Died 1757 

David Terry with wife Eleanor Biggars is the son of Champness Terry d 1757, and the only one to remain in Louisa Co, VA....those are the papers from Louisa. This tells you his descent and where they were in the 1870's.

David Terry with wife Elizabeth Anderson Terry, son of John and Sarah Hodnett Terry, died 1845. 

David Terry with wife Elizabeth Anderson Terry was the son of John and Sarah Hodnett Terry, died 1845 at age 85,  grandson of David and Elizabeth Luck Terry and a great grandson of Joseph and Judith Crawford Terry of Pittsylvania Co.

The first David of Louisa is approximately the same generation as David with wife Elizabeth Luck Terry.  

David with the wife Elizabeth Anderson was a brother of Thomas Terry who married Sarah Hendricks and Champness with wives Rhoda Thompson and Rebecca Peters. These three brothers all went to Highland County, Ohio.

You are on the right page, when he (Robert Terry of of Cincinnati, Ohio) found the lawsuits but did not understand them.  The other girls listed with Sarah Hendrick Terry were Hendricks and NOT Terry's.