Name: Walker Jones Terry
Soldier Name: Walker Jones Terry 
State Served: Tennessee 
Application Type: Widow 
Application Numbers: W1294 
Application Location: McNairy, Tennessee 

Summary information from original application provided by Carolyn Kemp:

Since my internet is so slow & the writing is very small, I’ll just type the info from the widow, Mary P. Terry, of Walker J. Terry. 
I don’t know when Conf. pensions began but this application is dated 14 Feb 1907, Hardin County,  Tennessee.

Mrs. Mary Plunkett Terry in Hardin County,  Tennessee, Right P.O.

Has been a resident since 1850.

She was b. North Carolina, 6 Feb 1835—Miss Mary P. Paschall.

Walker Jones Terry was b. about 1838 in Alabama

Married 4 Sept 1860 in Hardin County,  by Wm. Perkins, J of P

She knew him since about 1856.

Enlisted in Fall season 1861, Savannah, Tennessee, in Capt. J. M. Flatt’s Company,

Looks like Col. Cruse Regiment.

He was in 5 or 6 months.

She didn’t know where his regiment surrendered.  He was not present.

He was wounded at Shiloh & was sent to Bolivar, Tennessee, where he died May the 6th, 1862.

He died in the army & “I was at home in Hardin County,  Tennessee.”

Only had one child a boy. He died Feb 27th 1903, Age about 42 yrs.

“I own no property.  Only a very small amount of household property worth about twenty-five dollars & have no income.”

“He left me a little amount of household property & had one wagon.  I sold the wagon for $15. He left a cow & she died. 
I live with my grandson. He lives on a tract of land his father left him at his death.” 

Signed Mary P. Terry.


Has remained unmarried.

Both witnesses knew about the same facts only John W. Rousey was in the Army with soldier and Henry W. Stratton.

Both of these signed for witnesses.  Both lived in Crump, Tennessee.

Listed on the tax books that she owned nothing.

Notary Public, H. L. Hanbert filled out that Mary had been a resident since 9 Nov 1850.  Same witnesses signed again & dated 14 Feb 1907.

From War Dept:

Feb 27, 1907

Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners, Nashville,

“There are no rolls on file in this office of Captain Flatt’s Co, Crew’s Battalion, Tennessee cavalry, C.S.A.

The records show, however, that one W. J. Terry was private in Company F (which is understood to have previously formed a portion of
Crew’s Battalion, Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A.) 5th (also called 9th) Kentucky Infantry, C.S.A.  His name appears only on a muster role of
that company dated April 30, 1862, which shows him absent, and bears remarks indication that he enlisted Dec. 15, 1861, and was
transferred to that company April 14, 1862.  No later record of him has been found.”

A letter dated May 4, 1904, Adamsville, Tennessee, from a A.L. Blanton, written on her behalf that she should have had pension long ago.

Another letter from same person dated April 1907, just asking again about a pension.

From Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners: March 29, 1918, Henderson County, Tennessee:

“Mary P. Terry, a pensioner, has not sent in her voucher for Dec. 1917.  The last address was Henderson, Tennessee.

There was no place that said if or when she began receiving any money or even how much.  No other info was there but this
is more than we had.  I didn’t know who else I was supposed to send this to so just pass it on.


Carolyn Kemp  <>



1900 Census Hardin County,  Tennessee, Civil Dist 8, 7 June 1900, p. 8, # 67:

Terry, William, June 1861, Tennessee, f b. Alabama,

William, son, Sept 1886, 15, Tennessee

Mary H., dau, Nov 1892, 7, Tennessee

Mary P., mother, Feb 1835, 65, had 1 child, b. North Carolina  North Carolina  North Carolina