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    26 June 1995

    Mr. Mike Terry
    1518 Skyline Drive
    Sapulpa, OK 14066

    Dear Mike:

    Please forgive me for being so late in forwarding the enclosed GEDCOM disk. Updating and correcting some erroneous information, and - learning how to put my stuff into the GEDCOM format caused some delay. Also, just as I would get it on a disk, some new information would come in.

    The genealogy program that I use is Brother's Keeper 3.1 which is very good. I have tried several others such as "Family Tree Journal" and "Family Ties" but they are not as good as "BK" in my opinion

    You will find that my disk contains some 2,000 names of the descendants and their spouses or the Lawrence County Alabama Terrys. This is a result of research started by my cousin, J. Dale Terry of Wichita Falls, TX, some 15 - 20 years ago and my work since my retirement in 1991, trying to uncover the origins of the first Lawrence County Terrys. But so far, even with all the research, we have not been able to discover the names of thier parents or their birthplaces.

    We have visited Lawrence County several times. In fact, we are planning to attend the annual "United Terry Club" meeting this coming Labor Day, spending a weeks there doing more research.

    We found it very odd, indeed, that in so far as is known, not one single old family bible exists that contains information about the forebears of the family.

    Any additional information you may have about this branch of the Terrys will be greatly appreciated

    Oh, by the way Earnest has published two volume book; "TERRY FAMILY CENSUS. 1790 - 1920."  It includes every Terry listed in every US Census in the states of AL, AR, CA, FL GA, IL, IN, KY,LA, MS, MO, NC, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV, and WA. They have hard bound covers with gold Iettering and include a color rendition of the Terry Coat of Arms. The price is $70.00 for both volumes, post paid.

    Again, please acccpt my apology tardy in sending the disk.


    Regards Jim

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