Deed Book 1, page 435-436 May 11, 1771, Botetourt County, Virginia.

William Terry, Sr. and Rachel his wife conveyed to son William Terry, Jr. 100 acres on Black Run Creek, land upon which William and Rachel, his wife, now lives….

Note: This means William Terry Jr. was at least 21 years of age and was born about 1750. He is probably the oldest son and was born before the Feb 3, 1759 Pennsylvania marriage date given in many genealogies of this family for a William Terry and Rachel Manson. 

1.       William Terry Jr. 100 acres on Black Run of Roanoke.  This was 100 acres from the north side of his father’s 400 acre patent in 1750. See note above.

2.       Jasper Terry and Ruth [Of Montgomery County, Virginia] to John Persinger  two 1/8 shares in his father William Sr. estate, SR-8-564, June 13, 1804. [Two tracks of land on Black Run, formerly Wm. Terry’s dec’d.]

3.       John Terry of Anderson County, Tennessee, and wife Esther, by power of attorney Thomas Brown to John Persinger his 1/8 share.  SR-8-602, June 11, 1805

4.       Susannah, wife of Thomas Brown, her 1/8 share  in her father’s estate to her  four children: Henry, Esther, Keziah and Mary.  SR 13-276, April 20, 1818

5.        Miles Terry to Jonathan Harrison his 1/8 share in his father Williams estate SR-9-597, July 7, 1808.

6.       Mercy Terry, wife of Jonathan Harrison, her 1/8 share in her father Williams estate SR-9-554, May 18, 1808.

7.       Rachel wife of John Martin to Jonathan Harrison her share father Williams estate. Jonathan Harrison of Claiborn County, Tennessee to John Persinger, Rachel  Martins share.

8.       Jemima wife of Ezekial Boucher, fell to Jasper Terry who sold to John Persinger.

Note: See No. 2 above, Jasper sold  two  1/8 shares….


Note:  A description of the 1/8 acre tract in the conveyance for the Susannah Terry Brown heirs to Thomas Brown:  “1/8 share in tract of land containing 300 acres in Botetourt County on Black Run creek branch of Roanoke River , patented to William Terry dec’d Sept. 1755 (1750). “

Source: Deed Book 13, page 276-277, April 20, 1818 Botetourt County, Virginia.

Note: Frances Ingmire indicates William Terry received his original 400 acre land grant the same year (1750) that he was appointed constable… a position he held for 23 years, being discharged because of “old age” in 1773. Source:  Frances Terry Ingmire - Terry and Allied Families, page 3.

Note: Jasper Terry‘s Will was written about 1819 and was probated  6 Jul 1819 in Montgomery County, Virginia.  Will Book 3, page 121. This is the Jasper Terry with the step daughter Susannah Snidow. He was a brother of the siblings noted above.

Note: A John Persinger married a Catherine Brown 6/03/1817 in Botetourt County, Virginia.


Note: Edna Bushnell Terry in Terry Records of Virginia indicates the 400 acre patent for William Terry is contained in Land Patent Book 31, page 699.

I do not have any copies of original documents and am citing the sources so you might possibly order them at some point from Virginia. Marriages in Montgomery County Virginia show Terry marriages from both Botetourt County families in our DNA Project and people sometimes mix ‘em up.


Mike Terry